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We would like to share with you some of our clients comments.

Over the years, this is the type of feed back that is most common for us.

We also appreciate that many of our Alpenhof families keep us updated on their dogs,

which helps us to evaluate our breedings. Thank you for your kind words!

References are available at any time.

1. Kody is the big 2 today! He is looking great! About 90 lbs, lean and friendly, and handsome as all get out. His dog obedience is Excellent! He's the neighborhood welcoming committee, and the kids love him. He's loves going after the water stream when the sprinklers are going! We switch off on going for walks, or he runs along side me while I'm riding the bike. He is such a great pup, we wanted to thank you again. I am constantly getting compliments on him!

2. Rollie is doing super down here in the States. He is quite the snow bunny, and has enjoyed this winter a little too much. He is happy and healthy - weighing in at 75 pounds. All in all we could not be happier - my wife has turned him into a complete lap dog. He is loyal and protective - but accepting of our guests. He was extremely easy to train and aims to please. Thank you again for all your help - we could not be happier!

3. He is gorgeous!!!! You just don't know how many compliments I get on him. We named him Odin. He is wonderfully easy to train. His ears are up. I sold a kitten to a woman who loves German Shepherds and I gave her your name and web site. She was awestruck when she saw him.

4. Venya is GREAT!!! She has drank a ton a water and ate a few kibbles. Wonderful temperament and seems to be adjusting just fine.

5. Just a note to let you know that (Victoria) Sarah is doing very well and has settled right in to her new life here. After a relatively quiet day Friday she has become very energetic and is busy exploring the house and figuring out how far she can push us.

6. I am so crazy about Tove. She obeys so well and is always so happy.

7. You would not believe how beautiful Yazmin is !!! I get more compliments than u could ever imagine ! Thank u so much Michele.

8. We are loving Grace and are delighted with how quick she is. Michele, you have done a magnificent job with these little creatures. You have given all us new "parents" a terrific bundle of opportunity and potential!

9. In a nutshell, Nick is a wonderful little boy. I can't thank Michele enough for picking such a handsome boy for us. Nick is very bold, inquisitive, submissive to adult dogs but definitely NOT a weenie about it. Nick got to socialize with 5 other dogs before the next class. He was literally "running with
the big dogs".

10. Striker is doing very well. We love him dearly he has certainly been a hit. We have had a lot of positive feed back from friends and family about him you should be proud of what you do.

11. Our puppy is doing well. He is high say the least. He loves children and has a thing about cats. We are looking forward to him calming down. He likes to bark... and play with other dogs. J3 ( thats what we call him ) loves to wrestle and play police dog with me. We had him trained and he is very, very smart. He has learned how to open doors and he is always figuring things out. He loves to snuggle and get up on the furniture even though he knows he not supposed we really love him, he is a part of our family. The trainer said we love him a little too much. I'm happy to give a reference when I can.

12. I purchased Teddy from you on July 26, 2003. He is an exceptionally bright dog with a wonderful personality. This dog has brought me peace of mind in a way I truly cannot even describe.
Tremendous amount of passion,love, affection, combined with keen forsight makes this an almost wonderdog. Invest the time for 6 months and you will have a dog that children and animals adore.

13. I have wanted to tell you what a wonderful dog Kaiser has been for us. He has been great with our daughter, Abigail. Kaiser I think is her best friend. If she is crying or mad and Kaiser comes into the room she is happy again and laughs. She will pet him, touch his ears, and then tries to put his ears in her mouth. Kaiser just lets it happen or moves his head a little. I wish you could see them together. I know we should never trust an animal around a baby/child but I do have more trust in Kaiser then any other dog.

14. Kobe has a great temperament and is very calm around people. We had about fifty people at the house today and he was fine. He spent more than the usual amount of time in his crate, and never cried or barked. Guests who he had never met petted and played with him. He is friendly without being all over people. He is good with kids also. One of the guests who is a vet technician asked me about his pedigree. She said as soon as she saw him she knew he came from good blood lines.

15. Farley is doing just great. Very, very smart. Quick to learn. I train him each day. He can sit, down and come. Eating well and drinking lots. I take him out each day for a short walk. He loves to play with anything. Lots of toys, loves his kennel. Very inquisitive. A typical pup who loves to get into everything so I have to keep a close eye on him.

16. Freya ist super!! Strong nerves, high intelligence, independent and of course very beautiful. Housetrained already, knows "pfui" und komm und sit;) A couple of days ago she really bonded with me, now she follows me everywhere I go and comes as soon as I call her, I like that she took a couple of weeks to make up her mind if I'm a worthwhile pack leader!! Everyone loves her, she's the best. We are having so much fun with her every day. Not only is she gorgeous and fearless, she is smart and sweet. She learns everything so fast, is energetic but never hyper. She loves her daily walks, comes now immediately when called and is such a joy to have around. Thanks, Michele, for breeding such wonderful dogs!

17. Faisal is a joy, we are getting to know the neat personality he has! He sits for his treats-did you teach him that or is it just automatic? He loves playing tug of war with a sock and has an open crate door during the day which he goes into when
he needs to rest.

18. Michele, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Fyvie is loved and adored with all we have, she's a busy little munchkin. We and she are just plain fortunate folks to have met you. Know she is better than anything we could ever have dreamed up.

19. What a good smart boy Fueller is. I impressed the ladies last week with his recall and sit. (for cookies of course). We went to the vet last week for boosters and she told him that he is a real beauty. And he is!!! I can't thank you enough for selecting HIM for us.

20. Faline is most defiantly a very special little girl. Keeping me busy... Not this little girl. Yeah right! LOL LOL She is a handful, but I'm lovin every minute.

21. Fraulein Sascha will start training in May but she is doing very well already. We go for walks daily and she enjoys discovering new things. We are very
pleased with her.

22. Faustus/River is strong, direct, forceful and relentless yet resourceful enough to choose the path of least resistance. This little fellow is going to be a major handful, yet probably equally as rewarding.

23. Rica and Petra (DD Litter) are both great dogs. You should be proud of your breeding program. We should have found you sooner.

24. Thank you for my DREAM dog. She is wonderful!!! She is certainly going to be our JOY!

25. H-Kaiser is healthy and growing like crazy. We've been to three puppy training classes so far the past three Fridays nights. Kaiser's temperament again was impressive, this time to one of the trainers, who herself has a German shepherd. He gets compliments everywhere, particularly on his looks.

26. I-Wulfie is a very good little guy who is fitting into the rhythms of life here very well. He has great appetite and is quite outgoing and interested in everything, particularly if it involves work. Know that we are utterly delighted at having him here. You should be commended for a very well bred puppy that has been well-socialized. You truly know what you are doing. Our thanks!

27. Izzy is doing very well. I have decided to take Izzy as far as I can with training including Schutzhund. She has a lot of drive and I think she would enjoy it. She is really a beautiful pup.

28. H-Ziva is so loving and cuddly. She is very outgoing and curious and really amusing. Ziva will be starting obedience training in November with the Canadian Canine training academy. Ziva is a smart girl and should be fairly easy to train.Thank you so much for our beautiful dog.

29. Jareck is stunning, (size 13 feet), beautiful deep pigment, excellent temperament and just a sweet personality. Jareck had a great time at the puppy picnic hosted by the Nova Scotia German Shepherd Dog Club; a social butterfly, meeting lots of dogs, puppies and people. He really liked the tunnels and step over jumps, followed by dips in the pool. Thank you for entrusting us with such a beautiful representative of Alpenhof kennel.

30. Jesse is coming along just great. She weighs 26 lbs., her ears are at half-mast, she eats well, good stool. She's very attentive, learns quickly and has excellent temperment. She has two bells on a rawhide hanging on the door knob and she rings them when she wants to go outside for potty. She picks up on things very quickly and only needs to be shown things a couple of times to get the idea. My friend Steve loves her and says she has excellent pigmentation, ears, structure, and is going to be a big female. He likes the great confidence she exhibits. Overall I could not be more pleased with her! We can't thank you enough for the selection of Jesse you made for us, I think she's going to be what dreams are made of. It sounds like you produced an outstanding overall litter.
Thanks Again

31. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Sadie is one beautiful pup! Everyone keeps telling us this and we think so too. Thanks again for her
"Bob & Lorna"

32. Just wanted to touch base with you today to let you know that Maisy had a great weekend. She's settling in really well, and seems to be sleeping quite a bit! Must be all the excitement. Our older Shepherd Dash has been really good with her and our other dog Buddy is still taking his time getting to know her...
Kelly & Kenlyn"

33. Kael is doing great! You can almost see him grow. When taking him on walks he is a magnet for attention. When meeting new people he is always on his best behavior, first greeting them and then sitting and looking at us while we talk. At home he is a bundle of energy!

34. Keira is what I called a text book German Shepherd. She is exactly the way it is described in books. She is what I was looking for. She is a great puppy that is very easy to accommodate. Keira is very calm in the house and runs a lot on the property. She is not afraid and does not hesitate to move forward and discover. She loves chasing cats, the rabbit and everything else. She even swam in the river. She is always going through puddles (never walk around an obstacle). She is just a puppy and can move the sheep around. She is very strong and stable. New situation is not a problem with her. Again thank you. She is a wonderful dog. A member of the family.

35. MM-Benji has been doing exceptionally well. He is exceedingly smart and one thing that Iove found exceptionally pleasing about him is that he has nerves of steel, something that is crucial in this breed. He is not scared of anything..big dogs, small dogs, big people, loud noises, sirens blaring, he just merely gazes at them and never cowers. Exceptional! He is a ton of work and is teething pretty bad (nibbling everything) but he is a spectacular pup.

36. Dear Michele, I can't tell you how much your kindness and understanding meant to my family and I when we lost our 13 year old shepherd. Thankfully we then decided to add 1 week old (OO)Thor to our family when he was old enough. Your weekly photos allowed us to share the first weeks of his life with him so we fell in love with him long before we met him! It is crazy to think he has only been with us for 10 days. It feels like forever. He is so smart and beautiful. He is mischievous and so goofy. Thank you for all the time and care you put into all of us!
"Love, The Skinner Family "

37. Thanks Michele!
QQ-Thor is so amazing and so so
different than any shepherd
I've ever had!

38.    Dear Michele, Never in our wildest dreams could we have dreamed up a girl like our Alpenhof Fyvie. When we first spoke with you we were grieving for our wonderful competition dog Dascha and she (Fyvie) surely had big paws to fill. Fyvie was love at first sight and we are so incredibly proud that she made the Brown Trout calendar (2011) as Miss September, has been chosen for a page next year, but the most exciting news is that she has 5 photos in the new AKC/Brown Trout publication called "Meet the German Shepherd." Fyvie is beyond belief, aside from all those wonderful pictures, she is an amazing ambassador for the breed, so far, she had not met a human she doesn't like. Dick and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts, she keeps us young. Thank you Michele!
"Fran, Dick, Ace and Fyvie"

39. Lexie has made my home her home. I love her dearly. She makes my house feel full again. She's very beautiful and I am so happy with her. She's my little girl and my friends fined her adorable.
Thanks very much for this precious gift of life.

40. Vet really likes him and he was so good. She said you gave us a very sound puppy!! Max and I waited outside the grocery store for Linda to run in and grab some stuff. I bet we had a dozen people stop by to say hi. Nobody can believe how big his paws are for 12 wks Everyone who has seen him, comments on fabulous he looks, we tell all where we got him and how wonderful you are. Thank you for choosing him for us.
"Tim & Linda"

41. Ivy is doing great! She is fabulous! We love her so much and is fitting in well with her home and new friends on the street. Eating very well and completely house trained. Let's us know when she has to go out and knows her commands.Thanks for this great little girl!

42. I can't Thank you enough for the blessing you sent to me, she's one of a kind and the answer to a German Shepherd owners prayers. Vanta's beautiful, smart as a whip and a real sweetheart. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to own an outstanding dog.

43. We arrived safely and Apache did so well on the plane and meeting the family. It is so hard to believe that he hasn't been exposed to that many people because he is so friendly, confident and loving. Seriously, Michele, thank you!! We lucked out when we found you!! We are all beyond happy with our boy!!!!!

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